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Villa Tacchi a Gazzo

The ancient and prestigious residence contains corners of rare beauty in its internal rooms, which preserve the frescoes, furnishings and original decorations and in the enchanting garden with spectacular water games. The beautiful and spacious frescoed rooms are rooms of great refinement that can accommodate, comfortably seated, up to 250 guests wrapped in a highly evocative and exclusive setting. The large windows that surround them lead the interiors in a splendid visual continuity with the centuries-old park. ***

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Villa Revedin

In the wonderful and green secular Park, which surrounds the Villa, you can create unique photographic services in a suggestive atmosphere.
A historic sixteenth-century house in the heart of the Venerian countryside, in Gorgo al Monticano, will welcome you with its classic lines, its golden lights and the beautiful surrounding natural surroundings, to guaranteeĀ  en Event of class and refinement. ***

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Villa Tacchi di Quinto

Cross the bridge over a placid stream, the architectural complex of Villa Tacchi is presented to you, immersed in the romantic atmosphere of an English park.
An accomplished example of a Venetian villa, built in 1713 starting from a pre-existing construction whose presence is attested by the monumental trees facing the building. The age of these majestic foliage fills the air with centuries-old essences that smell of history. As you advance towards the central building you will be enveloped by the embrace of the barchesse, two side porticoes whose L-shape is an architectural peculiarity of Villa Tacchi. It is in this timeless space, brushed by contemporary furnishings that our past meets your future. Welcome to Villa Tacchi! ***

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Villa Selmi

Villa Selmi is a 16th century architectural complex of considerable visual impact, restructured and finalized for Events, weddings, company dinners, meetings and galas.
A context of rare beauty with views, scenarios and breathtaking scenery that will make your most important moments unforgettable.
A historic villa, the Auditorium, the annexes, a romantic garden of the nineteenth century with fountains, statues, paths surrounded by greenery and an appropriate and colorful flora and fauna. ***

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Villa Sagredo

The Villa is a treasure chest in which history, art, science and nature have been protagonists, a “home” where they lived in addition to the noble Sagredo family, their guests, the most famous of them, Galileo Galilei.
The Villa is an architectural complex dedicated to hospitality: in the Villa precious spaces are available, on the ground floor the passing Hall and the Side Rooms; on the main floor the Sagredo Salon and the Side Rooms. The Antichi Granai offers a range of solutions, on the ground floor and on the first floor, in the Sala delle Capriate. A centuries-old park envelops the two structures and ample parking are available. ***

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Villa Vecelli Cavriani

Elegant historic home typical of the 18th century, the Villa offers prestigious rooms and an impeccable service.
This lovely location for weddings and events boasts frescoed ceilings and walls, and offers various solutions up to a maximum capacity of 150 guests.
The property also features different rooms for meetings.
The strategic position in which the location is located makes it also ideal for organizing meetings, conferences, fashion shows, coffee breaks and any other type of event.***

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Villa Pera Pianzano

Offering several rooms where with 18th-century architectural features, mirrors and chandeliers, the villa also boasts a courtyard surrounded by a park of 30,000 square meters with colorful flowers, a pond and a well. The location is available for weddings and for other cultural, corporate and private events.***

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Villa Valmarana ai Nani

Characteristic for the wall enclosure surmounted by a row of statues of nanetti, encloses in the entrance hall and in the four rooms of the main floor of the main building, one of the most significant jewels of Italian art: the pictorial cycle of the ‘rooms of Tasso’ , by Giambattista Tiepolo and his son Giandomenico.
Here he gives vent to all his inexhaustible imagination, and astonishes for the incredible pictorial virtuosity, he involves the visitor in an experience of great charm and magic. Place for a memorable event. ***

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Villa Tressino Marzotto

The Villa can accommodate up to a maximum of 800 people and also has a large outdoor area, a large and elegant 22-hectare park where you can enjoy the company of your guests, with refined decorations and rich special details .
Parking area next to the Villa up to 300 parking spaces. ***

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Villa Serego Alighieri

Perched on the rolling hills of Valpolicella, land of the Amarone, the Serego Alighieri Possessions belong to the descendants of the Dante Poet since 1353. Immersed in the vineyards and built by a skilful renovation, Villa Serego Alighieri is the ideal location to experience an unforgettable event.
The Foresteria has two large rooms inside: the Salone degli Archi, which can accommodate up to 80 guests, and the Sala della Corte which welcomes 50 guests.
In the summer, open air receptions take place in the ancient barnyard and in the barchessa and can be extended in the park with centuries-old plants overlooking the estate’s vineyards.***

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